The Top 10 Worst Places To Take Magic Truffles

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The Top 10 Worst Places To Take Magic Truffles

There are bad places to do Magic Mushrooms and worse situations to be in! We help you to avoid these with a list of the 10 worst locations and situations.

The experience of taking Magic Truffles is not something that we should take lightly. Set and setting are the two key elements in making sure the trip will be a positive journey. A positive journey is something we all wish for but unfortunately a bad trip can also show up on your doorstep.

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As stated before “Set and setting are two of the most important elements”. Still it is not something all people take in consideration before taking Magic Truffles. The occasion can occur where Magic Truffles are spontaneously offered to you. Although spontaneous events can be very fun and renewing it is still very important to have the right surroundings and the right people around you. Below we have listed ten places/situations you should avoid.


The intake of Magic Mushrooms can make you a bit sensitive for other people's energies: in other words it can make you more emphatic. This is why it is so important to surround yourself with the right people, people who you are comfortable with. If you find yourself highly empathic then you would do good by not surrounding yourself with people who you do not know or people you do not have the best vibe with. This is one of the key elements making sure you will not end up having a bad trip.


Can you imagine, tripping your balls off while standing somewhere surrounded by hundreds of people: all those energies, all those faces? No, a crowded place is definitely not a good place where you should end up when on Magic Truffles. There is also a fair chance that you will lose your group and that you will end up alone. Obviously there is a possibility that you will have the best time of your life but if you are a beginner please avoid crowded places.


Being alone while taking substances such as Magic Truffles can be very insightful but not something you would want to do when doing Truffles for the first time. Make sure when doing truffles alone that you have someone who can watch/observe you while doing it so when things turn south this person can comfort you. The term for such a person is called ‘trip sitter’. A trip sitter is someone who has experience in taking mind altering substances and who offers himself as someone who pays attention to you while you are on a substance such as Magic Truffles.



Taking Magic Truffles while flying in an airplane is not the best option for you. There are just too many factors that influence your trip in a bad way. There is no place to go, you are stuck with the person who is sitting next to you, the food is horrible, it is not possible to fly yourself, and you have to handle the nervous feeling while going up in the air and when you are landing. Please do not listen to that one friend who thinks it is a good idea to take mushrooms in Amsterdam before going on a plane back home!


Imagine taking Magic Truffles on black Friday being sucked up in an, by low prices, obsessed crowd. This would not do any good for you and your friends while tripping. The only way you could make something out of your Truffle trip in this case is to watch and observe the crowd from a balcony somewhere, where you can laugh and observe the people going about.

6. ZOO

A zoo is definitely not a good location to do Truffles. Beforehand you might think that a zoo will provide an atmosphere where you can be close with nature and animals but the effect of psilocybin will make you think deeper about the whole concept of a zoo and can give you the insight that the animals caught up in a zoo are not having a good time at all cause there are held in captivity. If you want to be close to nature in a comfortable way you should try to visit a botanic garden.


If you do not have a job where you have to do something creative such as drawing, making music or so on then it's probably for the best not to take Magic Truffles. Your work place could turn into a nine to five prison where co-workers look like zombies and the coffee machine a gathering place for caffeine addicts. In general you just do not want to get yourself trapped in such an environment.

Some people these days do ‘microdosing’, this is a revolutionary way of using psychedelics. They take a very small amount of a psychedelic substance and then go on with their day to day life. In this way you can try to combine truffles and working.


A music festival could be the best place to do Magic Truffles but can also be the worst place. A music festival should be facilitated for your every need especially when you are tripping on psilocybin. An average trip takes about four hours and an average festival takes about twelve hours which means that you have about eight hours to kill while coming down on Truffles. This way you have to make sure that everything is provided for: Good food and drinks, music you love, a chill out area, good weather and of course a general good vibe. In other words a sold-out dark metal festival with just one stage and no chill out options would not be the best place to do Truffles especially when you not really into dark metal.


Don’t fool yourself thinking visiting a city museum on a busy Saturday in the tourist rush hour. It could be nice when it's just you and the art but most of the time you will find yourself surrounded by loads of tourists who are standing in lines to view the several pieces of art. If you want to go to a museum, pick one that is not going to be crowded and if you can go visit it on a weekday.


On every pack of Magic Mushrooms it says: "Do not consume alcohol ..." Alcohol can have a heavy impact on the user. On a physical perspective it can cause stomach eggs and from a mental perspective it can influence your way of thinking in a weird way.

Mainly it is important to figure out what kind of person you are while using psychedelic substances. There are people out there that can take Magic Truffles everywhere and when they like to, it just depends on your state of mind.