Top 5 Strongest Magic Truffles

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Top 5 Strongest Magic Truffles

Magic truffles are becoming very popular. Click here and check out the top 5 strongest truffles, that will guide you through Psychedelia.

Where did all these magnificent magic truffles come from? They were around for a long time, but they came into the mainstream use due to the 2008 psychedelic mushroom ban in Holland. The inability of getting funky on mushrooms led many psychedelic explorers to embrace the cousins of magic mushrooms: Truffles. These magical Psilocybes live under the earth, they are generated under the surface due to harsh environmental conditions, which prohibits them from growing upward and becoming mushrooms.

There are many different species and varieties of truffles, we shall describe the top 5 strongest ones; brace your minds.


As the name suggests, this magic truffle will enable you to construct a perfect world with your vivid imagination. It shall authorize you to enter a higher level of consciousness and provide you with outlandish visuals. The perception of color changes; shapes remove themselves from the regular geometrical reality. Deep thoughts about life and the universe can be expected. The Psilocybe utopia is very potent, therefore 5-7,5g is a good dose for beginner trippers, it's good to do less in the beginning if one wants to test out the waters. For a medium strength experience, 8-10g should do the trick, while anything uphill from 10g will generate an ultra trippy experience.


This special Psilocybe takes the silver medal as one of the strongest trippy truffles. Hallucinations and pulsating waves through the body can be experienced. Sharpened senses and intensified creativity can generate fantastic imagination for tripper artists. The feeling of being one with everything may occur: The interconnection between everything can be backtracked to your own mind. 100% Zen. The hollandia tastes quite good, in comparison to other truffles. With only 7,5g the hollandia can show you a new world and get you going. From 10-12g we are looking at a medium to powerful effect that can immerse you into the new and beautiful reality. Anything above 15g is only recommended for experienced trippers.


This special Psilocybe is not as strong as the previous truffles, but still very potent and magnificent. This truffle can make you social and generate contemplative thoughts about the existence of life. You may experience your creative blockages shattering while visualizing patterns of beauty and fantasy. Regarding the dosage, 7.5g can already generate some nice trippy experiences. A dosage of 10g is considered medium; it will take you to the next level. At 15g you will see the world from a completely different angle and psychedelic feels will be Zen with you, just make sure, that you’re comfortable with your surroundings. 


As the myth goes, Pandora, the daughter of Zeus, made out of clay and brought to life, received a box from her father with a note saying “Don’t Open!” Out of curiosity, she opened the box and all evil was unleashed into this world. Now imagine the opposite; opening a box of Psilocybe pandora and unleashing all good into your mind. If you want some seriously psychedelic vibes, then look no further. This magic truffle will deliver mind-expanding thoughts and shed light onto the darkest corners of your mind. The dose of 7.5g is good for beginner trippers. For stronger feels and a wider opening of Pandora’s box, 10g should do. For a full-on immersion into the mystical psychedelic box, 15g should do the trick.


Atlantis truffle was discovered in Fulton County, Georgia (US). This magnificent Psilocybe will make you discover the shores of Atlantis and immerse you into this mythical island. Many experience Atlantis as very visual, so if you’re an artist or want to add shifted figures into your perception, Atlantis will guide you. In higher doses, enlightenment and deep philosophical thoughts can be expected. As with Pandora, beginners should start with 7.5g, which can already deliver some trippy visuals. With 10g you shall take things to the next level and most likely contemplate about important existential questions. With the dosage of 15g or more you can seriously discover the Atlantis of your mind; tripping on the beach could be a great experience, just take precautions with swimming while tripping. 


So, there you have it, the top 5 strongest magical truffles ready to be experienced. Most people simply chew and swallow these truffles, but if the taste is unbearable, you can mix it with yogurt; or put it into tea and wait for 20min, before drinking the magic potion, just make sure, that the water is not boiling, because it can deconstruct important psychedelic properties of the magic truffles.

Obviously, the dosage matters. If you ingest 20g of weak truffles, it can generate an immensely stronger trip than 5g of the strongest truffles you can find. Remember the following rule, "the difference between medicine and poison is the dosage", so make sure to understand the strength of the desired truffle and measure exactly the amount you wish to ingest.

It’s important to note, that psychedelic substances affect everyone differently. It has to do with individual experiences, psychology, and physiology. If you’re a beginner, we strongly suggest, that you take a small amount and feel comfortable with your surroundings. If you have any significant mental conditions, or are in general unsuited to be taking psychedelic substances, then don’t take them, make sure to take care of yourself.