The Top 10 Of The Best Places To Take Magic Truffles

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The Top 10 Of The Best Places To Take Magic Truffles

There are good and bad places to take truffles. We helped you and created a list of the best places to do magic truffles.

The experience of taking magic truffles is something that deserves some consideration. Set and setting are two of the most important elements in making sure the trip will be a positive journey. With that being said, a negative experience on truffles can also be very insightful for your personal development.

As stated before “Set and setting are two of the most important elements”. If you are under the influence of magic truffles you can become very sensitive and emphatic, this is why it is very important to make sure that you are surrounded by people that you have a positive vibe with. Some people are not sensitive for bad trips at all and can take magic truffles wherever and whenever they want to. But to find out what your reaction is to truffles you have to try it first. To help you make the most out of your mushroom experience we set up a list with the 10 best places to take magic truffles.


The forest provides a magical place for your truffle experience. Go to the forest on a sunny spring day, walk around and let your body absorb nature as it is presented to you. As you walk in the forest do not be shy and go on an adventure, take off your shoes and build a little house from branches. If you play an instrument you should consider bringing it with you and play between the trees and let the music resonate with nature.


If you have the possibility to go or travel to a valley on a day you're planning to do magic truffles you should definitely consider to do so. A valley will bring you in contact with different elements of nature, you will be surrounded by mountains, wildlife, bushes, trees and if your lucky a creek and/or a lake. It provides the possibility to walk around endlessly enjoying the scene, contemplating life and talking about life with the people you are on truffles with.


At first, a park would not seem like a good location to take magic truffles but if you pick the right time and place you could have the best time of your life. Parks turn into a movie scene when the sun goes down and the street lanterns are the only source providing light. You will find yourself having the best time with art objects randomly placed in the park. For the best experience, you should pick a park that is not that crowded.


If you have access to a place with a natural hot water source you should definitely consider to take truffles there. A hot tub, jacuzzi, or a bathtub will also do the job. The effect of hot water touching your body will be interpreted as the perfect relaxation. Try to enjoy this with the sound of nature or some music.


In the winter you are not that likely to go outside. No worries, it is possible to have a positive experience on truffles inside the house. Sometimes the fact of being surrounded by walls and a ceiling could work a bit claustrophobic. That’s why it is very important to take good care of your environment. Think carefully about whom you will be inviting and make sure the group is not too big (depends on how big the house is, obviously). Everybody should take their shoes off, wear something comfortable and bring a pillow so that you can turn your room/house into a chill-out.


A festival could be a very nice place to take magic truffles especially when you pick a festival that is not overcrowded and where the organisation puts lots of effort in decorations and delivering an experience to the crowd. For your inspiration, you can search for festivals like Fusion festival, Berlin, Germany and Boom festival, Portugal. Still, it is not recommended to do magic mushrooms during a festival for the first time.


You will find a guaranteed magical experience on a tropical island while being under the influence of magic truffles. The beauty of the white sand, palm trees, coconuts and clear blue water will provide a perfect trip for you and your friends. Make sure you bring enough water to keep you hydrated and wood to make fire for when the sun goes down. When you are on magic truffles it is fun to play with things so bring a frisbee or a ball or an instrument, you will find yourself having the best time of your life practising one of these things.


Magic truffles can really take you on a journey. Going to a show of some kind can really be a positive experience. Being under the influence of truffles will cause for you to be sucked into the story and the characters. It could go two ways: either you will find yourself fascinated by every character in the show or you will find yourself laughing at everything that happens. Truffles can make you giggle a lot, even to the point where your stomach begins to hurt.


Many cities have botanical gardens. Botanical gardens are places where they keep several different kinds of plants, trees and flowers. If you are lucky they will have butterflies too. Most of the time these botanical gardens have a nice atmosphere and different kind of routes you can walk. Let nature guide your trip in a positive way.


Being under the influence of magic truffles can provide many beautiful insights and inspiration. Bring this to good use and use instruments or tools to create something for yourself. This way, you will be able to use all your creative thoughts and transform them into your own creation. This could be anywhere, anytime. Just make sure you feel right with your surroundings.