Top 10 Psychedelic Travel Destinations

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Top 10 Psychedelic Travel Destinations

Drug tourism has become so popular that some travel resorts are now handing out joints before you even step off of your plane. For psychonauts, weed-lovers, and party folks, here is our list of the 10 best psychedelic travel destinations!

Using psychedelics to expand our consciousness for spiritual purposes is something that is deeply embedded within human history and culture. Despite mind-altering substances accompanying humankind since the dawn of time, they are illegal in many places. Fortunately, some countries have a more relaxed attitude when it comes to psychedelics. Add to that a gorgeous setting and what you get are amazing psychedelic travel destinations.

In these gorgeous locales, not only will you have the opportunity to trip freely, you’ll also be privy to some of the most mind-blowing cultural experiences you could ever imagine. Here is our list of the top 10 psychedelic travel destinations.


Indonesia may well be your best choice for an unforgettable magic mushroom experience. Although the legal status of mushrooms is still vague there, they are not considered illegal. If you go to popular tourist destinations like Bali, you can find a wide variety of magic mushrooms offered in many established shops.

One place that you really want to check out is the Indonesian paradise of Gili Trawangan, considered one of the world’s best spots for shroomers. Go there with some friends and some mushies in your pocket, and watch sunsets that are simply out of this world! But Indonesia doesn’t just have stunning scenery. There are also plenty of bars and clubs where you can party with fellow shroomers once the effects wear off.


Obviously, we couldn’t make a psychedelic-themed travel guide without mentioning Amsterdam. Amsterdam has long been the Mecca for cannabis enthusiasts who flock from around the globe to get a look into this one-of-a-kind city.

Just stroll the streets of Amsterdam and visit the countless coffeeshops where you can purchase and enjoy every cannabis strain known to man - from indica to sativa and every combination in between. This gorgeous city, with its narrow houses, beautiful canals, and many green parks celebrates cannabis culture like no other. Just ask any stoner whether there is a better place to get high with some of the world’s best weed!


Bolivians would probably like to have a word with those who think that coca and cocaine are the same thing, because they are not. Although cocaine is made from coca, not all Bolivians are happy about the association of the two. Bolivians chew raw coca leaves as a stimulant and a source of energy, similar to enjoying a latte to get out of an afternoon slump. On the other hand, real cocaine of the finest quality is indeed also produced in the same area. You wouldn’t have troubles sourcing it if you think that chewing coca alone won’t cut it...


Ayahuasca, the psychedelic brew that plays an important role in spiritual and religious ceremonies in Central America wasn’t widely known in the West until recent years. It is now becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to other psychedelics, with psychonauts from all over the world backpacking to Peru to experience an authentic ayahuasca experience. Iquitos, Peru is considered the heart of the ayahuasca scene, where you can participate in a traditional ritual.


Some of the world’s best hashish comes from Morocco. “Kif,” as the locals call it, has a long history and significance for the local Berber culture, and is still enjoyed today as it was centuries ago.

The high quality of the hashish that comes from Morocco is due to the very careful production process involved. Hashish is normally handmade in what is a very tedious and laborious process. For hash lovers, Morocco is definitely the place to visit, but not just for finding some of the best and purest hash; smoking some in one of the vast, rocky Moroccan cave systems just like a true Berber is an experience like no other!


California is still “the” place to visit if you want some of the world’s best weed. The liberal state on the West Coast of the US fortunately also has less strict laws when it comes to smoking publicly. While technically not “legal,” it’s unlikely that you will get into much trouble if you smoke up on some of Cali’s gorgeous beaches or in the streets of the popular destinations up and down the coast.

If you like weed but don’t want to smoke, you won’t have a problem in California either. California dispensaries normally offer a wide variety of strains for smoking, as well as numerous edibles, sprays, tinctures, and many other cannabis products.

California has a great alternative culture and lifestyle going on that makes it an excellent place all-around. Many tourist-friendly businesses are not only offering cannabis, but also growing courses, yoga, acupuncture, and everything else that appeals to their “alternative” clientele.


María Sabina was a Mazatec curandera - a healer and shaman who became famous for cultivating and using psilocybin mushrooms to help others. Albert Hofmann, the famous Swiss scientist who first synthesised LSD visited her and went on trips under her guidance.

Because of this significant history regarding psychedelics and the fame of María Sabina, Oaxaca, Mexico has become the de-facto centre of mycology in the world. It is the place where most groundbreaking research into mushrooms is taking place today. For shroomers, definitely the destination to visit and to trip!


Kathmandu in Nepal is one of the classic psychedelic travel destinations. Many hippies back in the day dreamed of going there as the final destination on their travels. What makes Kathmandu so fascinating are its low costs of living and surreal location in the midst (and mist) of the Himalayas. It is truly a place that couldn’t be more awe-inducing and psychedelic. Although the hippie-era is long gone now, Kathmandu is still an attractive travel destination for alternative folks thanks to its stunning setting and superior hash quality.


Cambodia has recently really jumped onto the “drug tourism” bandwagon with some shroomers considering it one of the best places to trip. The country has many beautiful beaches that seem made for a psychedelic trip.

With Cambodia becoming an incredibly popular tourist destination recently, chances are good that you will meet fellow shroomers and stoners, along with all sorts of other alternative travellers. You won’t have trouble obtaining weed, magic mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, opium, or ecstasy. You can even get ketamine and many other types of drugs in pharmacies that don’t even need a prescription!


Party pill popping isn’t normally something you do for spiritual and mystical reasons, but in Goa, India, you can do exactly that. Known as an iconic tropical party paradise since the 60s, Goa is still as amazing of a travel destination today as it was back then. Psychonauts and techno-lovers from all over the world are drawn to Goa’s legendary rave scene that even gave name to its very own style of psychedelic trance called “Goa trance.”

Obviously, with Goa being one of the world’s top spots for techno and rave, you can get party drugs of all couleurs there, ranging from ecstasy to magic mushrooms and everything in between. The cool thing about Goa is that all the fun takes place surrounded by a stunning tropical setting, which makes partying and tripping a remarkable experience!