Top 3 Magic Truffles For Beginners

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Top 3 Magic Truffles For Beginners

While some users seek out the most potent truffles they can find, others prefer to start with milder varieties. Here we share three of the best magic truffles for beginners, so you can enjoy every step of your psychedelic journey.

Even for the experienced, taking magic truffles can be daunting. This is all the more true for beginners. But that shouldn’t keep you from trying them out! Among other key factors—such as set, setting, and dose—the type of truffle you choose has a big impact on the nature and magnitude of your psychedelic experience. In this article, we’ll introduce you to three truffles that are well-suited to beginners, so you can begin your psilocybin voyage on a positive note, and avoid the possibility of a bad trip.


What Are Magic Truffles?

Also known as philosopher’s stones or psilocybin truffles, magic truffles are underground masses of mycelium—known as sclerotia—that contain psychoactive alkaloids such as psilocybin and psilocin. Much like their mushroom counterparts that grow above the ground, truffles are capable of inducing a profound psychedelic experience when ingested.

But while magic mushrooms take on a classic appearance with a stem and cap, truffles appear as dense little “stones”.


How Do You Take Magic Truffles?

Despite looking different to mushrooms, magic truffles are consumed in essentially the same way. Both mushrooms and truffles can be consumed fresh or dried, and this factor will make a substantial difference when it comes to dosing. All things considered, mushrooms are typically dried before use, whereas truffles are often consumed fresh, as their water content is already quite low.

So, if you’re interested in taking truffles for yourself, you have a few different consumption methods to choose from. By all means, you can go ahead and eat the truffles as they are—just make sure to chew well! But if you want to minimise or completely bypass the flavour—as well as the potential nausea they bring on—you have a few other options:

  • Truffle tea: Hot (not boiling) water is a good vessel for magic truffles, and allows you to sip on a brew to experience the psychedelic effects of your chosen truffle. A little honey goes a long way to mask the taste and limit the threat of nausea.
  • Capsules: Truffle capsules bypass the need to taste the truffles at all. Simply grind your stones, load up the caps, and swallow.
  • Lemon tek: Lemon tek is a tried and tested method for speeding up the onset of a psychedelic trip and potentially enhancing the potency (though the jury is still out on this). By “steeping” ground truffles in lemon juice for a half-hour or so, then drinking the concoction, you can gear up for a fast-acting trip.

Now, when it comes to dosing truffles, it ultimately comes down to the type of truffle you have, and what kind of experience you wish to have. Different truffle varieties each have specific dosing suggestions for a mild, medium, or strong experience, for both fresh and dried truffles.

As a very general guideline, the suggested doses for fresh and dried truffles are as follows. Do not take these figures as gospel. Note that the recommended dose will vary according to body weight and other factors, so we've expressed each dose as a range.

• Fresh truffles:

Low dose: 5–7g

Medium dose: 7–12g

High dose: 12–15g+

• Dried truffles:

Low dose: 3–5g

Medium dose: 5–8g

High dose: 8–13g+


Top 3 Magic Truffle Varieties For Beginners

Now that you have a general idea of what magic truffles are, how you can take them, and some dosing guidelines, it’s time to familiarise yourself with some of the best varieties for beginners. Although comparably mild to other truffles, each of the following three selections has the potential to open up your mind to new insights. Get to know each below, and decide which one is best for you.


Psilocybe Mexicana

With a rating of 2.5 (out of 5) on our potency scale, Psilocybe mexicana is the ideal introduction to the world of magic truffles. Not only does it deliver a blissful, euphoric experience alongside mild visuals, but it was actually the first type of magic mushroom to be scientifically studied. With use dating back over 2,000 years in North and Central America, Psilocybe mexicana has long been consumed by indigenous people for entheogenic purposes.

Taking around 5 grams of fresh mexicana mushrooms is bound to deliver an experience that everyone should be able to handle. At this dose, mexicana produces a light stimulating sensation. Increase the dose to 10 grams, and you’ll start to feel greater changes in perception—but the effect still shouldn’t be overwhelming. Once reaching a dose of 15 grams, the experience will intensify and could be uncomfortable for new users, despite mexicana’s mild potency. So if you're new to the world of shrooms, start with a lower dose and work your way up.


Psilocybe Tampanensis

Tampanensis magic truffles are quite rare, with the species being identified in the late 1970s in Florida, before eluding scientists for another four decades. Thankfully, today, you can get your hands on Psilocybe tampanensis truffles for yourself.

With a rating of 3 on our potency scale, tampanensis produces a light euphoria and a feeling of introspection at 5 grams of fresh truffles. Increase the dose to 10 grams, and you may start to experience visuals and enhancements in sounds and sensations. High doses of 15 grams are likely to result in profound visuals and significant changes in perception.


Psilocybe Atlantis

Just like the mythical underwater society of Atlantis, these magic truffles will help you to discover insights hitherto untold. Currently identified only in Georgia in the US, and coming in with a rating of 3.5 on our scale, atlantis is more potent than mexicana and tampanensis but should not present any issues when enjoyed at lower doses.

Using our thresholds of 5, 10, and 15g of fresh truffles to represent low, medium, and high doses respectively, users can expect a blissful sensation at low doses, and deep introspection, visuals, and strong physical sensations at higher doses. Psilocybe atlantis is considered one of the rarer truffle varieties available today, and some users claim that these sclerotia induce a profound feeling of universal connection.


Enjoy Truffles Safely

Enjoying magic truffles is not about taking as many as possible. While experiencing a proper trip can be very rewarding for some, others may want to dip their toes in the water before diving in. In that case, consider starting with low doses of the three aforementioned truffle varieties and moving up from there. Even though their potency is considered mild or moderate, these varieties are by no means inferior to other truffles, and will indeed produce very strong trips at higher doses.

Once you’ve chosen your truffle variety and decided on your dose, make sure to consider other vital factors involved in tripping on truffles, including where you’ll trip, choosing a trip sitter, and gathering vital supplies like water and comfy clothing. Preparation is key to a rewarding trip!