Top Tips On Consuming Magic Truffles

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Top Tips On Consuming Magic Truffles

Magic truffles are super easy to grow. Variety is the spice of life and there are a number of ways to get the goodness into your brain box. Your favourite method might be on our list. Check it out!


As a social lubricant, psychological therapeutic and meditative sacrament psychoactive fungus are tried and trusted and can't be beaten. Okay, in the top ten (sorry mescaline, DMT, cannabis et al, didn't mean to offend). It is not surprising that psychoactive truffles are becoming so popular. Especially when there are easy to use kits available that can keep you supplied with a regular source of high quality fun time mycelium.

What are the preferred methods for getting the good stuff from the fungus into your neurons? Let's check it out all you psychonaughty boys and girls.


Truffles and mushrooms alike are participants in nature's great joke. That plants containing desirable alkaloids taste more horrible than horrible. They taste, to use a crass euphemism, like ass. Just swallowing or washing down whole truffles may not be completely effective. Whole truffles take too long to digest, in fact the body might not even digest them at all so you must masticate well to release the goodness. But your tongue will recoil in horror. Take chewing of whole truffles and the foulness associated with that out of the picture entirely.


Washing down ground up dried truffles is the easiest and least fussy thing to do. Either teaspoonfuls washed down with water or your choice of beverage or mix into your liquid and slam it down fast, then make the gaggy face. The confronting alkaloid aftertaste can be toned down with something salty like crisps or just lick a little bit of salt from the back of your hand a la tequila slammer.


If sweeties are more your thing simply **melt a little chocolate and make some trippy candies. After a few experiments, you will find what quantities suit your taste buds. Two grams of dried and ground truffles to twenty grams of chocolate works quite well. Finding whether you prefer dark, light or milk chocolate will be voyages of discovery in themselves. Tip the molten mix into your choice of mould and let it set, lick spoon and lick bowl.

Store your treats in the freezer in an airtight container to keep things in stasis. Don't worry if they get white patches on them, this is just the fats in the chocolate reacting to being frozen and are quite safe. Similar proportions can be used if you make truffle ice-cream. The cold seems to dull the alkaloid flavour even more, especially hidden among organic strawberry or mango.


Like any fungus magic truffles can be used in many styles of cooking. Having friends over for an inter-dimensional stew is a fabulous way to spend a convivial evening. As is magic pizza night. Replace the Portobellos with magic truffles next time you make a quiche or start the day with a space cowboy omelette.


The easiest thing to do is make a tea. Steeping plants is the most ancient way of extracting their desired traits. Poor hot water (not hotter than 50°C!!) over your choice of well chopped truffles in the bottom of a mug. Stir well and press the reconstituted truffle chunks against the wall of the mug. Let it sit and steep until sipping temperature. As you sip, spoon out and eat the truffle bits to ensure you get all the goodness.

If you want to avoid eating the squidgy flesh completely, boil some finely ground dry Truffles in a cup and a half of water with the lemon juice and rind (just squeeze the lemon and toss in the squozen lemon husk). Boil and stir, stir and boil until it reduces to a single cup of liquid gold. Strain out the bits and enjoy.


Lemon and lime go well simply as a flavouring in a psylotea and are encouraged for your enjoyment. However, there is a bit of a debate as to whether the citrus potentiates the psylocibin, simply breaks it down into psylocin for immediate absorption, or as with other alkaloid extraction processes, makes the alkaloid more available in the solution, so more available to you. Whatever the case, something is certainly happening with the acids that's for sure.

One word to help cover the flavour. Smoothies. Two grams of finely powdered truffle flesh added to your favourite flavour will have you sorted in the peeling of a banana and two pulses of a blender.


Psylocybin dissolves in alcohol so you can make a mushroom liqueur. Find the highest strength alcohol you can, overproof vodka is perfect, everclear or some other grain alcohol is also spot on, but it can be whatever you please as long as it is over eighty proof.

Pulverize your super dry truffles. Like cracker dry. Add two grams of powder to every shot volume of alcohol, that's about 45ml. Shake well and sit to soak in a dark place for a week, agitating daily. When done pour through a coffee filter or even use a disposable dust mask to get rid of the tiny particulates. Now you have a trip per shot liqueur. Soaking with citrus rinds or your choice of fruit can give it a schnapps edge.


Psylocibin, like LSD, can be absorbed through the skin. If you gently evaporate the aforementioned alcohol recipe until syrupy or do a psylocibin extraction you can add it to your favourite massage oil. Then add the massage oil to your favourite person. Two hours of mutual massage will set you afloat on a magic carpet ride that is slow to rise, but has a transcendant tantric stamina. (Please test on a small patch of skin first to test for allergic reaction).