A Bad Trip With Magic Truffles, Is It Serious?

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A Bad Trip With Magic Truffles, Is It Serious?

What should you know about a bad trip? Here are some tips to prepare and repair.

Alongside the positive, joyful effects and magical experiences that can occur when taking magic truffles there are also some risks and downsides. The taking of a psychoactive substance is heavily affecting your mental state as well as reflecting your general mental health. Because of this, it can have a big impact on your wellbeing. It’s therefore important to prepare yourself: inform yourself about the risks and how to trip as safe, healthy and enjoyable as possible.


One of the things a tripper can encounter is the challenging experience of a ‘bad trip’. The main ingredient for the bad trip experience is the insecurity and fear of the user. Every tripper initially welcomes an upcoming trip with butterflies of excitement mixed with a little bit of tension or fear. But it is important to not let the fear or insecurity take over your train of thought. This requires a clear mental state when taking magic mushrooms: you should be aware of your own mental strength and weaknesses, and be willing to challenge these with the magic of psilocybin. Eventually, all bad trips are tricks of your own mind. Questions as: ‘what have I done to myself? or ‘do I ever get out of trip?’ are some of the things that can haunt your mind. When you’re not able to tackle these tricks, you can end up in a control loop with a cycle of negative thoughts.

All of these mind tricks can make you frightened, alongside with some other effects: a loss of control and sense of time can indicate a confrontation with things you have to learn about yourself or things you need to let go in order to grow.

In a state of heightened awareness as you will be when on magic truffles, you will be more sensitive to external stimulation such as sound, smell, visuals, other people’s energies and expressions. Paranoia is induced by the initial fear of the user and can create a situation of general mistrust and even frightening hallucinations. Bad tripping is usually accompanied by paranoid thoughts. This is why not only a good mental health but also good company is imperative for tackling these nasty obstacles.

The effects of magic truffles can be mind-blowing and even at some times a bit overwhelming. The beauty of tripping is sometimes hidden in a puzzle of mind-tricks, hallucinations and enigmatic visions. You have to be strong and willing enough to go with the flow and see wherever the psilocybin wants to take you. Blocking will work against you; so don’t try to fight it when your initial fear kicks in.


The effects of magic truffles can last between 3 – 6 hours. The risks are increased when taken along with other substances.


  • Increased heart rate & blood pressure
  • Increased body temperature 
  • Loss of coordination – whole body feels unsteady
  • Loss of bladder control


  • Feelings of intense fear
  • Confused and disordered thoughts
  • Panic attacks and paranoid delusions


To have a safe, enjoyable and learn full trip you will have to prepare yourself in a proper way. There are certain precautions that you should take especially when you are taking magic truffles for the first time.

- Only take truffles in company of others that you trust. This person or these persons should be people you feel comfortable with. Do not do this with strangers or people you have a bad feeling about.
- Take magic truffles because you wánt to take them and not because other people convince you to have them.
- When you are scared of the potential effects, DO NOT TAKE MAGIC TRUFFLES!
- Properly assess your own mental health: when you are not in good health, do not take magic truffles.
- Make sure that your company has one or more ‘sitters’. This means that they will stay clear from taking magic truffles and other substances. In case someone will need attention the sitter(s) can take care of him/her.
- Keep the next 24 hours free from appointments. Take your time for magic truffles. Just the idea that you will have to meet your parents soon; or that you have a job interview will stress you and potentially takes the beauty out of your trip.
- Switch off your mobile phone or landline. Most people will not be able to react rationally in case they will be confronted with bad or good news.
- Magic truffles are best to be taken in environments that you feel comfortable in: no crowded or unknown places. Nature or the seclusion of your own home offers a quiet and peaceful setting where you can fully experience the depth of your trip.
- Do not take magic truffles in combination with other substances, especially alcohol.

When the right preparations are made and the precautions as earlier mentioned are taken, the possibility of a bad trip is minimized. But if you, or someone in your company is still ‘bad tripping’ there are some things you can do to repair the damage.

- Go to a more quiet and secluded place where you can sit or lie down. Also check for temperature: a hot room could enhance the bad trip.
- Focus on your breathing calmly.
- Have a sugary drink or dextrose sugar to help neutralize the effects by raising your blood sugar; you will feel stronger to resist bad thoughts.
- Some relaxing herbs could also help you fight off fear and negative tension. Some valerian tea or valerian pills may do the trick.
- When the situation is not getting better or even worse, you may need to get in contact with the emergency services. In Europe this number is 112. In the United States it is 911. Always be completely honest to the services about your situation and the use of intoxicants.

Tripping is a wonderful way of experiencing all the beauty and wisdom the universe has to offer and can also help to get to know yourself better. The power of psilocybin has a major effect on the mind: a bad trip is induced by fear of the user. Overcoming this fear and tackling mind tricks that sometimes occur during bad tripping, is also a challenge that can be insightful and memorable.

Happy tripping: think for yourself, care about others!