Magic Mushroom Lemon Tek: A Way to Trip Harder

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Magic Mushroom Lemon Tek: A Way to Trip Harder

Grinding your shrooms into a fine powder and dissolving them in lemon juice and water is a way to not only hide the taste of the Magic Mushrooms. Some trippers swear by the lemon tek (or technique) to enhance the intensity of the journey - others just claim it gets the experience started sooner.

Magic Mushrooms might create a mind-bending, colourful trip – but some find, that starting their journey with actually having to taste the mushrooms is a major downer. Furthermore, shrooms work best when you have an empty stomach, so just “hiding” them in other food you eat is not the recipe for the ideal entrance ramp to your trip.

Enter lemon tek, a convenient way to both hide the taste of the shrooms, as well as increase their acidity, which according to many people actually enhances the journey you are about to take. The lemon tek theory suggests (although there is as yet no scientific proof), that the acid from the lemon juice you use to make this concoction jumpstarts the conversion of the psilocybin via an enzyme called alkaline phosphatase. This is an enzyme concentrated in the liver, kidneys and bile ducts.

Experienced shroomers disagree about whether the trip that occurs with a lemon tek is actually more intense, but the overall consensus is, that the trip begins sooner.

For that reason, it is also a good idea to begin with about half the amount of shrooms you would otherwise take the first time you try this method, just to make sure.


1. Grind your mushrooms into a super fine powder – as fine as you can. You can use a coffee grinder to do this.

2. Put into a glass and add just enough lemon juice to cover the powdered shrooms.

3. Let sit for about 20 minutes (but do not leave it for longer than that).

4. Fill the glass with water and thoroughly mix.

5. Drink the entire glass when ready to start the trip.