Blue Honey: What Is It And How Do You Make It?

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Blue Honey: What Is It And How Do You Make It?

Once you have harvested your mushrooms or obtained truffles, the next vital step is to prepare them for long-term storage if you desire to make them last. Creating blue honey is a fantastic way to make them last a very long time and taste extremely good when you finally indulge.

Mushrooms are not in any way party drugs or something that can be taken as casually as, say, cannabis. For this reason it is important to use correct methods of drying, preserving and storing in order to keep them for a desired time and prevent any damage from rendering them inedible. One phenomenal method available has been given the name “Blue Honey”.

As its title suggests, this method involves using an equally as interesting substance, honey, to keep your valuable bounty safe and secure until you decide the time is right to ingest them. The general idea here is to pour liquid honey over your mushrooms and store them in a container for several months. The compounds within the mushrooms will eventually leak into the honey and turn it blue, hence the name of this concoction.

Before going any further, a safety notice. Some people may be allergic to honey and other bee products. It is important to find out if you can tolerate honey before attempting to make and consume blue honey.


Honey has been used for thousands of years as a means of preserving food. Honey achieves this due to the high amounts of sugars found within the substance. These sugars; monosaccharides, fructose and glucose, work to remove the water from any bacteria or yeast cells that might otherwise contaminate the honey. It does this through a process called osmosis, drawing out all of their water and drying them up. Therefore the high sugar concentration is a reason that honey is quite a mind blowing source of food, it will literally never go bad or start to ferment if it is kept sealed. It can last thousands of years. Easy to see why blue honey is such a great and time tested way to keep your mushrooms safe and secure.


Creating blue honey is far from a challenge; there is little ingredients required and very little processing to go through in order to create a fantastic and effective end product. Here is a list of some the gear and ingredients you will need to produce it.

Cracker-dry psilocybin mushrooms or truffles: It is important that your psychoactive material is absolutely dry so now excess water is introduced into the honey. This can be achieved by pre-drying your mushrooms or truffles on a tray on a hot window sill or by a radiator. After this it is then necessary to use a desiccant to extract all of the extra moisture out of your material.

Liquid honey: it is important to select a type of honey that is liquid and thin instead of a crystallized version. This will simply make processing a lot easier. The type of honey that bees produce is influenced by the flowers available to them. Garden flowers typically enable them to produce clear, liquid honey.

Airtight container: a glass jar that is a completely sealable lip will perform the best for this.

Scissors: these will enable you to cut up your mushrooms or truffles into small pieces and therefore fit more of your material into the storage jar. You can also use some kind of manual or electric grinder to break your material down to an even smaller and more manageable size.


First of all you will want to process your mushrooms or truffles down to a tiny size to be able to get the most condensed honey possible. Use your scissors to cut them down into tiny pieces and then run them through a grinder if you have one available.

The next step consists of mixing your processed material with your honey. This can be done by pouring the honey and material into a bowl and thoroughly mixing them together. Once mixed, transfer the mixture into your glass jar. An easier and less messy alternative would be to place your mushrooms or truffles into the glass jar and add the honey bit by bit. Layering up the material piece by piece will allow for a better mixture to form. Start with a layer of mushrooms, add a layer of honey and repeat until the jar is full.

Now the jar can be sealed. It is advisable to store your blue honey mixture in a cool and dark environment to prevent any potential breakdown from occurring. Now the waiting game begins. Leave your blue honey to form for up to 4 months, and check on it regularly to give it a shake and tilt, ensuring the lid is fully secured before doing so. Over time, your honey will infuse with psychedelic goodness!