Preparing For A Magic Truffle Trip

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Preparing For A Magic Truffle Trip

Jumping into anything in life without adequate preparation never really manifests the desired outcome. The same principle applies to the psychedelic experience. If you are seeking the optimal experience, why not invest time, preparation and detail into increasing the chances of this phenomena.

Psilocybin "magic" mushrooms, have been consumed around the world for millennia and are still widely consumed today in traditional, recreational and also therapeutic settings. Many people find great adventure in exploring the boundaries of the mind and different modes of sensory perception. Others use this naturally occurring psychotropic, in the forms of mushrooms and truffles, in attempts to alleviate certain conditions and improve the quality of their lives. Regardless of the context, there exist various techniques and preparations that may be able to maximize the benefits of indulging in this mind-unfolding psychedelic apparatus.


Meditation ultimately exists on the same spectrum as psilocybin mushrooms and truffles, and psychedelics as a whole, as it is a method of altering consciousness that provides both short and long term beneficial outcomes. Frequent practice of meditation is associated with a vast host of benefits such as decreased stress, increased self-awareness, increased happiness, and, perhaps more suitably, increased acceptance.

Although psychedelic voyages have changed many people's lives in endlessly positive ways, they are not without their challenge. When did anything worthwhile and rewarding ever arrive into your life without a certain amount of hard work and sacrifice?

If a difficult situation arises in this altered state, a frequent meditation practice may have wired your brain to be able to meet it with acceptance and grace, in comparison to rejection and struggle.


Set and setting are terms that act as contexts for certain elements of a psychedelic experience. "Set", here, applies to the mind-frame and mental state of the participant, whereas "setting" applies to the external physical environment in which the participant undergoes the experience.

"Set denotes the preparation of the individual, including his personality structure and his mood at the time. Setting is physical — the weather, the room's atmosphere; social — feelings of persons present towards one another; and cultural — prevailing views as to what is real. It is for this reason that manuals or guide-books are necessary." - Timothy Leary

It makes absolute sense to enter the tender and unpredictable environment of a psychedelic experience in a good mind set. Think of heading to work one day feeling like crap, perceiving people as being against you and disliking yourself. Then think of heading to work after a refreshing nights sleep, morning love with your partner and a nutritious breakfast, with an open heart. Which day will be more productive and manifest a rewarding outcome?

As far as settings go, it is not hard to identify an environment in which the optimal psychedelic experience can manifest. We evolved for millions of years in the forests and planes of this Earth we call home. Fresh air in the lungs and soft grass or sands under the feet never fails to create sensations of grounded connection to the world around us. On the contrary, a dimly lit room full of cushions and blankets can create a canvas of internal self-exploration.

If you were sober and looking for a place to relax, would you go to a nightclub or a hammock in the forest? If you are tripping and desired to shed old habitual patterns, would you go to a bar or beach for solitude?


Dosage is an important factor to contemplate regarding the magnitude and duration of psychedelic experience that the participant is seeking. Micro-doses are becoming a popular phenomena to alleviate periods of feeling down or anxious, as well a stimulating creativity and ideas in a person, however such a dose will not catapult you into the throes of self-transformation.

On the polar side of the spectrum exists what the famous anthologist and author Terence McKenna coined as a "heroic dose" of five grams and upwards. A dose of this side has the potential to really dig deeply into the subconscious and shake things up.

Factors to consider when dosing are the desired strength, the participants body weight, metabolism and what has or has not been eaten beforehand.


Some people like to trip, to trip. Others may have a desired outcome or journey. Setting an intention may help to form a bedrock to the experience and remind the participant of why they are doing this in the first place when deep into their journey. "I am here to release old patterns of behavior", or, "I am here to help fix my relationships with others".

As well as mentally setting an intention, certain physical applications may help too. Fasting or eating healthy and nutritious food the days leading up to the experience may cultivate feelings of self-respect and connection. Having several nights of proper sleep and detoxifying salt baths beforehand will help to bring about the parasympathetic nervous system activity and relation.