Hiding The Taste Of Magic Truffles And Mushrooms

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Hiding The Taste Of Magic Truffles And Mushrooms

The taste of magic truffles is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are ways how you can hide their taste. Here are some simple recipes to get you on your merry way!

Not everyone likes the taste of magic truffles. Fortunately, there are creative ways you can use to mask the flavour of magic truffles - by making them into teas or adding them to certain foods. Let’s take a look at some of those effective ways how you can enjoy your magic truffles without the sometimes not so pleasant experience of their taste.


Magic truffles work best when you take them on an empty stomach. Because of this, for the quickest hit and highest potency, when you mix your mushrooms with foods, you want to keep these on the lighter side.


Magic truffle tea is a rather easy way to mask and water down the truffle’s rather peculiar taste. A tea made from your truffles will also give you the benefit of a slightly quicker hit compared to when you take them with other foods. This way you can start your trip earlier and don’t need to get bothered by the mushroom taste.

How to make magic truffle tea

1. Grind, crush or cut your shrooms or truffles as small as possible. Increasing surface area will allow more of its potent content to infuse the tea. The best way to do this is if you use a coffee grinder and grind your shrooms into a very fine powder.

2. Bring some water to a boil.

3. When the water starts boiling, remove it from heat and let it sit for a few moments. The reason for this is that shrooms and magic truffles don’t like too much heat since this can diminish their effect. Let the water sit and cool off for a while – you want it to be hot, but not boiling.

4. Now you can add the powdered truffles and water into a mug. Let the tea steep for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

5. Stir your magic truffle tea a bit for the final time; it is now ready to drink! If you want, you can sweeten it with some sugar, honey or stevia.

6. Enjoy


One other good way to hide the taste of your magic truffles is when you coat them in chocolate. For this, you will need a Bain Marie water bath boiler together with a bunch of your favourite chocolate bars. The Bain Marie helps because you need to melt chocolate at a low temperature. You can make a DIY Bain Marie with a saucepan and glass bowl.

1. Add the chocolate bars and melt them slowly. When your chocolate has melted, and the mix is nice and smooth, drop your truffles into the warm chocolate.

2. Carefully stir the mix to make sure that all the pieces are covered with chocolate.

3. With a fork or spoon, take out your chocolate covered truffles and carefully place them on a baking sheet.

4. Put the sheet with your chocolate shrooms in the fridge to let them cool off. This shouldn’t take too long. After 20-30 minutes, your chocolate covered shrooms will be ready!


Making a lemon tek is probably the “fanciest” and most effective way how you can enjoy your magic truffles. A lemon tek is a type of lemon juice drink that doesn’t just help to hide the taste of your truffles. It is said to make them hit faster and can give a more intense high.

The principle behind the lemon tek is that the psychoactive compound psilocybin in truffles does not produce their effect on its own. It is what’s called a “prodrug” which first needs to be converted into psilocin for the magic to happen. This normally happens when you eat the truffles with the help of acid in your stomach.

The lemon tek now helps speed up the psilocin conversion with the acid of the lemon juice. The result is that your stomach doesn’t need to work as much and you will start your trip quicker and harder. In effect, what it does is make your magic mushroom experience shorter and more intense! Some shroomers say that the effect doesn’t really make the trip more intense but merely faster. Regardless, it can be a good idea if you start with half your normal dose until you know how your body will react to it.


1. With a coffee grinder, grind your dried magic truffles into a very fine powder.

2. Pour the truffle power into a small jar or glass.

3. Take a lemon and squeeze just enough juice onto your powdered truffles to cover them.

4. Have the mix sit for 20 minutes and stir it every 5 minutes. Don’t let the truffle & lemon mix sit longer.

5. Drink the mixture at once in one go.

6. For the leftovers in the glass, you can pour some water into the glass, stir it or swirl and drink.

Get ready for a faster and super-potent mushroom journey!

There you have it! Three great ways to disguise the taste of magic truffles, allowing even the most sensitive and fussy eater to enjoy their delights!