How To Make Magic Truffles Taste Better

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How To Make Magic Truffles Taste Better

Eating magic truffles raw can be really hard. For some, it can even induce nausea, which might last the length of the trip. Whether you want to improve the taste or avoid feeling sick, there are some simple things you can do to make magic truffles taste better. Here are our 5 tips.

It’s no secret that magic truffles (technically known as sclerotia) can be unpleasant to eat. And if you plan on an intense trip, munching down on 15g of these little bundles of metallic grossness can be a bit much, and it can even set you off feeling a little sick.

For many psychonauts, most of the time, this displeasure is a small price to pay for magnificent effects of psilocybin swirling through the bloodstream and producing its wonderful effects. But from time to time, or for those whose stomachs cannot handle the chitin in the cell walls of truffles, trying alternative methods can be and excellent idea.


The taste of magic truffles is unique and as such hard to describe. But it sure isn’t good! The flavour falls somewhere in the region of overly metallic blood, and fresh truffles need to be chewed thoroughly in order to extract all there is to be had from them. So there’s no escaping the taste if you opt to eat them!


But there is hope, dear reader, there is hope! Below we outline several ways that can help improve the taste of magic truffles. The best part is that, as well as improving the flavour, many of these methods also extract active ingredients so that the bodies of the truffles don't need to be consumed at all. The matter that makes up the bodies can make some people feel nauseous, and so avoiding eating them can be more than a matter of improving taste.


Mushroom Tea

Mushroom tea (or in this case magic truffle tea) has many advantages. It’s a brilliant way to mask the flavour, avoid nausea, and dose a little more gradually. By slowly sipping a tea, you can incrementally increase the levels of psilocybin in your body, rather than taking one big hit.

To make truffle tea, boil some water and then let it cool off a little so it’s below boiling point. Grind or cut your truffles up (increase surface area exposure by grinding or cutting them as fine as you can) and steep in the water for 15–20 minutes. Et voilà, your tea should be ready to drink.

Adding a teabag of your choice will help improve the taste. Though you can use anything, something that isn’t caffeinated is probably better. Also, a slice of lemon in your tea can help convert the psilocybin in fresh truffles into psilocin, making the effects come on faster. You can also add honey to the drink for something truly delicious.


Lemon Tek

Lemon, or in fact any acid (like stomach acid) will convert psilocybin into psilocin. Some magic truffles, like our own, come fresh, in which case doing a lemon tek may not have the same effects. This is because fresh truffles mostly contain psilocin anyway. It only converts to psilocybin when they are dried.

Grind or cut up your truffles as fine as possible to maximise the surface area to volume ratio. Cover them in the juice of a few lemons and leave them for around 20 minutes. Then, knock it all back in one—ground fungi and all.

It’s actually up for debate whether this improves the taste, or just switches it to a highly acidic fungal mess instead. What it should do though is make the truffles hit you faster and harder, and the method of ingestion is so fast that you have no time to regret it anyway.


It doesn’t take a huge amount of explanation to express why this combination of foods is a good option for those who want to avoid the unpleasant taste of magic truffles.

Grind or cut your truffles up, mix them in with some honey and yoghurt, and munch away. You’ll want to get the ratios right though, as too much truffle to too little honey and yoghurt can be off-putting in its own way.


Melting chocolate over truffles works a treat. And makes quite a delicious, psychedelic treat too!

You can experiment with this method. It doesn’t have to be plain old chocolate, and truffles don’t need to be the only thing you add to it.

Two things to be aware of if you expand on this and start cooking something up. Firstly, as with the tea, never expose the truffles to high temperatures. And secondly, the more food you have in your stomach, the less effect the truffles will have. So bear this in mind.



If you simply don’t want to taste and eat the truffles at all, then capsules are your best bet.

To be able to store your capsules, you need to use dry truffles. Grind them up finely and pour into capsules. If you weigh your portions out, this method also means you can keep tabs on exactly how much you’re taking, which can be useful.

Taking capsules couldn't be more straightforward, just swallow one and wait for digestion to do its thing.


Truffles can kick in anytime between around 10 minutes and an hour after taking—sometimes longer, if you’ve eaten a lot of food as well. Usually though, they take around 15–30 minutes to take effect.

As mentioned, food will both increase the time it takes for truffles to start working, and how much of a hold they have overall. So watch your portion sizes. In fact, if you’re after a serious trip, then avoid food altogether and go for something like tea or lemon tek.


How To Dose Magic Truffles With Food

Dose magic truffles with food the same way you would without. Don’t try to overcompensate for the food by adding more truffles—just keep the food portions low.

With lemon tek, some say to dose slightly lower, but this may just be hearsay. You are not making truffles stronger with lemon tek, you are just externalising a process which would happen internally anyway. At most, you are just making them come up a little harder and faster.

All in all, just exercise common sense and do your research—you'll have a wonderful time. And it will taste incredible (or at least less gross)!