Tips For Taking Magic Truffles

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Tips For Taking Magic Truffles

If you're gearing up for a psychedelic experience with magic truffles, there are a few simple steps you can take to improve the trip. Here we outline our top tips for taking magic truffles.

Going on a psychedelic journey is an exciting, profound, and undoubtedly mind-opening experience—and magic truffles are one of the safest and most accessible ways to do this. While you’re your own best guide, there are some things to consider that can ease you into the unknown with a little security, and help ensure not only a safe and enjoyable trip, but hopefully an insightful one too!


Magic truffles are the subterranean part of some species of magic mushroom. Technically, they are known as sclerotia. These nodules can be seen as a stock of provisions for "bad times”. Like magic mushrooms, magic truffles contain psilocybin, the psychoactive prodrug responsible for causing a psychedelic high.

Truffles became famous after the Netherlands criminalised psilocybin-containing mushrooms. The specifics of this law allowed sclerotia to slip through a legal loophole, as only the part of the organism that grows above ground is technically considered a mushroom.


Quick Tips For Taking Magic Truffles

When taking any psychedelic drug, it’s important to take a few precautionary measures to not only avoid a bad trip, but ensure an incredible one. Despite the negative propaganda surrounding psychedelic drugs, serious bad trips are very rare. This is especially true with magic mushrooms and truffles. Below we outline our top tips for getting the most out of a psychedelic experience.


Creating a comfortable and safe environment is key to enjoying yourself when tripping. It’s not that you’ll be unable to look after yourself once high, but the less you have to focus on doing things, the better the trip will be. Here are a few things you can do to prepare:

• Make sure you have no plans or obligations.

• Switch off mobile devices (you want to stay in the moment).

• Express any anxieties you may have with those you’ll be tripping with.

• Prepare a comfortable, safe space.

• Stock up on food or drink you may want (fresh is best).

• Do not eat for several hours before—an empty stomach makes for a stronger experience.

• Try and get a restful night’s sleep before; it makes a huge difference.

• Consider finding somewhere in nature to trip.

• Have a calm few hours before the trip starts (if you go into it with a racing brain, it may stay that way).


During The Trip

Preparing for the trip is the best way to ensure a good experience, but there are also some things you can do while tripping to get the very most out of it.

• Give in, and go with the flow: This is the number-one best way to get the most from a psychedelic trip. Resistance is the surest route to a bad time, whereas acceptance will allow you to explore your mind and the world around you in ways you usually wouldn’t, and thus can lead to some fairly profound realisations.

• Don’t expect anything: Likewise, though you can obviously expect to get high, don’t go into your trip looking for one or another experience. Trips often take their own course, and following it can be very revealing.

• Stay hydrated: It seems simple, but it can be easy to forget to drink enough when you’re high. Staying hydrated will increase the quality of the experience, and help your stomach deal with the truffles.

• Listen to music: This is by no means mandatory; silence can be just as good, if not better. However, music will sound amazing when you’re tripping, and a good album is a sure way to have a good time.

• Don’t watch TV: Some people love to watch TV or films when they’re tripping. However, even the simplest elements of the real world will become childishly fascinating on psychedelics, so indulge in them.

• Don’t try to re-dose: The brain builds up a tolerance to psilocybin extremely quickly. So unless you take more magic truffles soon after coming up, you will experience very diminished effects compared to what you’re taking. For this reason, it’s preferable to get your dose right from the start.


After Tripping

The trip is over, and you're happily tired and satisfied. What now?

• Eat—if you feel like it: Filling up your stomach will help to sober you up, and will increase that cosy feeling of tiredness you’re likely to have.

• Contemplate: Maybe you’ve had enough contemplation for one day, which is fair enough, but it could be worth spending a little time thinking, writing, or speaking about the experience you've just had.

• Indulge in something passive, like music or a film: Your brain is probably fairly cooked at this point, and some easy stimuli might be exactly what it needs to come back down to Earth.

• Sleep!


Here are some quick answers to some of the most common questions surrounding tripping on truffles:

Q: How many magic truffles should you take?

A: Suggested doses are 5 grams for a light trip, 10 grams for a medium tip, and 15+ grams for a heavy trip.

Q: How long does a magic truffle trip last?

A: 4–6+ hours, depending on dose and other factors.

Q: What to do if a truffle trip turns bad?

A: This is unlikely if you’ve taken precautions and haven’t ingested a huge dose. However, if a bad trip does occur, you can:

• Go for a walk

• Drink something sugary (this helps to metabolise psilocybin)

• Don’t smoke weed

• Eat some food (helps to sober you up)

• Talk to someone about it

• Remind yourself that it will end soon


When Taking Magic Truffles, Trust Your Instinct

Like with most things in life, you are your best guide when it comes to tripping on psilocybin truffles. A bit of nervousness among newcomers is to be expected before a trip, but you can rest assured that if you take the proper precautions, any potentially negative emotions will come and go without major issue. Trust yourself, and trust the process.

Resistance is futile, because what you’ll really be resisting is not the truffles, but your own mind—and that’s always a losing battle! So prepare well and enjoy yourself, and let it take you wherever it happens to.