Party The Right Way With Friends And Magic Truffles

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Party The Right Way With Friends And Magic Truffles

If you love tripping on magic truffles or mushrooms, consider hosting a private party (of the psychedelic variety, of course). Here's a complete guide to planning the perfect group trip, including suggested activities.

Do you take psilocybin shrooms alone or with friends? The bliss of solitude and deep, mind-bending introspection is a worthy experience in and of itself. That said, wandering through the spiritual realm on magic mushrooms or truffles doesn't have to be a solo activity. Sometimes the best trips are the ones you have connecting and exploring with your favourite people.



Tripping with friends can be an amazing bonding activity. If you're with people you love and trust, a good mushroom trip helps you to open up to each other in more profound ways. Studies have shown psilocybin can increase creativity and empathy. Its mind-expanding properties can make you more attuned to what others are feeling. Add a little euphoria, and the resulting deep conversations (or shared silence) can put you in touch with yourselves and each other in unique ways.

Tripping together also creates an unforgettable shared experience. You'll not only be vibing with each other in the moment, but creating shared memories. Common experiences include feeling more connected, laughing uncontrollably with your best buds, or heading off on spontaneous adventures. These can all leave you with stories you'll be telling for years to come.


Now that you're stoked to plan your own magic truffle party with friends, here are a few tips to make tripping together a success.


Carefully Plan Your Guest List

The most important thing to remember when planning a magic truffle party: your guest list is key. Invite a few close friends that you know will feel safe and comfortable with each other. Going on a psychedelic journey with strangers can be risky. If you feel at all socially anxious or judged, you might go to a dark place. On the other hand, being surrounded by people you trust, and who you know have your back, does the opposite. The support of close friends can help you keep a positive mindset. Your friends can even pull you out of a bad trip.


Now that you've got your guest list planned, approach one or two trustworthy friends to be trip sitters. Think of trip sitters as somewhere between a psychedelic guide and a designated driver. Ideally, these are folks who have some experience with psychedelics. At minimum, they should know how to reassure anxious party-goers. Crucially, trip sitters need to stay sober during the party. Staying sober doesn't mean they can't have fun. It does, however, mean they'll be responsible for keeping an eye on everyone.

It might also be helpful to plan a designated chill space away from the main party. This is somewhere people can go when they're feeling overwhelmed and need a quiet corner to relax in.


Stock Up On Supplies In Advance

Try to make sure you have plenty of water and juice on hand to stay hydrated. You don't want to have to run out for supplies mid-trip, if it can be avoided. Ask your guests to eat a light meal a few hours before dosing with the truffles. This can help decrease nausea and make sure you're metabolising the truffles efficiently.


Now that we've gone over some planning and preparation basics, let's get into some trip-friendly activities you can organise.


Get Back To Nature

The number one tip for a great trip any psilocybin psychonaut will give you: surround yourself with nature. There's just something about mushrooms, truffles, and the great outdoors. The sense of connection you feel with yourself, with each other, is only heightened when you can also connect with nature. For that reason, we recommend taking shrooms during the day. Out in the sun, surrounded by natural beauty, you'll be even more likely to have a good trip.

If you can, go for a hike in the forest. The psychedelic visuals of a psilocybin trip will truly make everything come alive. Imagine this: the forest beckons you, undulating, pulsing with a heartbeat of its own. Serpentine trails of moss and leaves guide you along the way, bursting with the most vibrant green fractals you've ever seen. The entire forest breathes in tandem, each tree connected to the next, and to you, in turn connected to all the greenery around you.

There's a reason why tree-hugging, being one with nature, and the interconnectedness of all things are enduring hippie clichés. Embark on the right trip, and the cliché falls away, revealing certain universal truths hidden within. If you can't get to the forest, then the beach or a relaxing park are beautiful options. The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and all of your favourite people—it's paradise for a few hours.


Get Creative

We'll say it again: magic shrooms can boost creativity. Tapping into that creative force with some arts and crafts is a fun group activity. Grab some paint, glitter, construction paper, or break out the colouring books. A throwback to your primary school days could be just the lighthearted activity your inner child needs. Playing around with glow-in-the-dark paints is a fun option if the sun has set.

In fact, why not make each other some custom psychedelic fashion? Doing tie-dye is a hilariously on-point activity, and the colours will look wild while you're tripping. You can even decorate old t-shirts with fabric paint. Years later, you'll still treasure the pieces you make, along with the memories they're tied to.


Like other tripping activities, dance parties are best achieved with a mix of planning and spontaneity. Put together a playlist with your favourite dance music to get you started. Psytrance is a classic for a reason, but anything that gets you grooving will work. Then, let everyone add to the queue as they feel inspired. You can even save the final playlist in your Spotify or iTunes library for future trips, or for a fun hit of nostalgia.

To really make the most out of this idea, take some time to set the scene. Clear a dance floor, set up some disco lights, and get a decent sound-system ready. If you want, encourage friends to dress up or contribute to a tickle trunk full of silly costumes to rave in.

It's also a good idea to have a separate, chill room with ambient music going. This is a space for people to relax if dancing becomes too much. It's also an ideal place to build a pillow fort. And, of course, remember that this is a private party. Only your closest fellow psychonauts are allowed.


Play Video Or Board Games

Having a game night is a classic activity that also works when you're high. The key is to pick simple, fun games that are easy to play in a group. On the card game/board game side, think Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, or even Twister. Silly games have the added bonus of making you laugh. While some people advocate strategy games like Risk, these can be frustrating for those who don't already know how to play. It really depends on the kind of trip you're having, so have a few options ready and gauge the room. Just make sure everyone can participate, so nobody feels alienated.

When it comes to video games, one of our absolute favourites is MarioKart. That's because it's easy, it's multiplayer, and it looks cool (it has a lot of bright colours). Visually, games like this tap into the synaesthetic elements of your trip, and are fun to watch as well as play. That means they're still engaging for folks who are waiting for their turn at the console.


Set up a projector and hog the couch with your comrades. Try a visually beautiful documentary, like the Planet Earth series. Adding psilocybin to the mix helps you appreciate how truly wondrous our planet is. Documentaries like this are also incredibly soothing. We can't say for sure, but we doubt anyone's ever had a bad trip while listening to the dulcet tones of David Attenborough.

Comedy is also a great option. One of the most fun aspects of a group trip is the inevitable collapse into hysterical laughter. A good comedy set will help you get there, and Netflix has a whole host of stand-up shows for you to choose from.


Talk For Hours

Sometimes the best option is the simplest option. Part of the beauty of tripping with friends is the personal connections you deepen through shared experience. Just talking together can help you tap into the more cerebral elements of magic truffles. If this is your goal, you might want to choose a truffle species that lends itself to philosophical thought. Psilocybe mexicana is a good option; it ranks high on creativity and philosophical thinking, but produces less overwhelming visual distortions.


Taking magic mushrooms or truffles with friends is an altogether different experience than tripping alone. It not only brings you closer together, but you'll have exponentially more creative ideas to draw from. Creating a safe and comfortable environment is the key to any good trip. Solid planning can help you get there, but ultimately, you'll want to leave room for spontaneity. Safety essentials aside, a plan can be as basic as getting together, taking off with each other, and seeing where the trip takes you.