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Good tips for Great Trips

A trip with psilocybin is not just any trip and can be a heavy experience to some people, therefore it is very important you are well prepared and you are in the right settings when you start a trip.

Here are some great tips for good trips

You need to feel good when you start tripping.

Make sure you are in the right conditions and settings. Shrooms are emotionally invigorating. If your in a bad mood and your not feeling well, you have a greater change of having a bad experience, as to when you are feeling good.

Choose a relaxed and trusting environment.

Make sure you are in a relaxing and trusting environment with people you trust. Especially with a heavy trip in an unknown location with people you do not know is a good recipe for a bad trip and experience. Trust us, a trip on a Saturday afternoon in a busy shopping center is no fun...

(The 2 points mentioned above are named "Set and Setting" for a trip)

Take the time

Take the time, also for after the trip. A Shroom trip can be an intense experience. It is therefore important to take the time. Prepare yourself mentally before you begin. So don't go on a trip right after a busy day at the office with your head full of things that happened during the day. Also, after the trip, have some quiet time. With an intense trip, your mind needs to take the time to process the events. It is better to always plan a calm day with no responsibilities after your trip so you can calmly focus on what happened during your trip.

Take Magic Truffles on an empty stomach.

If you do this, the psilocybin will be absorbed more quickly into the body and it lowers the chance of nausea during the beginning of the trip. As a rule, we always keep a minimum of 3 hours between the last meal and the consumption of the Magic Truffles. Ideally, it is good not to eat a lot during the day. And if you want to eat, something healthy and easily digestible is desired.

The Sitter

A sitter is someone who is sober and ensures that everything goes well and puts people at ease. Certainly for beginners, it is recommended to have a sitter. Before the trip, have water, fruit juice and herbal teas ready and food wise, have a light snack ready. The effects of Magic Truffles last from 3 - 6 hours, so quite a long time. It is Have food and drink available often forgotten to eat during this period. This can be difficult because you might not be hungry during this period. But it is sensible to eat and drink during this period. During the trip, it might be difficult to even find your way to the fridge, so it is handy to have the food and drink close by.

Don't combine with other mind-altering substances

Don't use Magic Truffles in combination with other mind-altering substances. Psychedelica just as psilocybin, give an experience like no other. A mix with another drug that can give other effects on the mind and body is not advised because in many cases it will have a result of an experience that is less than satisfactory. For us there is only one exception: Cannabis. A little bit of weed right before or during the end of the trip is very relaxing. This does differ from person to person.