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Legal Status of Magic Mushrooms, Magic Truffles and Grow Kits

Legal Status

Legal status in Holland

MushMagic is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has to go according to the Dutch Law. The law in The Netherlands concerning Mushrooms, Magic Truffles and Mushrooms grow kits is very clear, but might raise some questions for some people.

In short:
Mushrooms: Illegal
Magic Truffles: Legal
Mushrooms Grow Kits: Legal

Until 2002 mushrooms and all mushroom related products were legal in The Netherlands. At that moment dried mushrooms were also available in smartshops in The Netherlands. In 2002 there was a court case where as of that moment dried mushrooms were illegal, and fresh mushrooms stayed legal. The thought behind this was of the editing process of the mushrooms. The compound psilocybin has been banned in The Netherlands for a long time, but because mushrooms are a natural product, they stayed legal. However, as of 2002, from the moment you picked and dried the mushroom you are actively busy making psilocybin, so it's illegal.

After several incidences with magic mushrooms in 2008 (especially in Amsterdam), the Dutch government decided to ban fresh mushrooms as well. However, this law has been set up in a way that only "the mushroom" has to be reported. Legally, the Magic Truffle is not a mushroom: it is a sclerotia. Fresh Truffles are therefore 100% legal in The Netherlands. Also the Mushroom grow kits are considered completely legal according to the law that was made in 2008.

Legal status of Mushrooms, Magic Truffles and Mushroom grow kits in the rest of the world.

In general, Mushrooms are practically illegal in all countries. The law surrounding Magic Truffles and Mushroom grow kits is not as clear, and is different from country to country. This makes it impossible for us to give clear information. Read our Terms and Conditions fully before you order.