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Terms & Conditions

These are our general Terms and Conditions. Please read and agree to them before placing an order on our website.

By placing an order on our website, you confirm to be at legal age for purchasing our goods and that you are aware of the potential legal restrictions on possession and consumption of magic truffles in your country; furthermore you acknowledge that MushMagic can and will not be held legally responsible in any way caused by the a) possession b) consumption c) damage or harm done by the ordered wares.

  1. You must be over 18 years old to place an order on our website.

  2. You must be in good mental and physical state to consume our goods. Don't use our products if you are mentally ill or unstable, depressed or on medications.

  3. The use of our products is your very own responsibility. MushMagic is not liable for any damage or harm done occurring after the consumption of our magic truffles.

  4. Our goods must be legal in your country. The wares we sell are 100% legal in the Netherlands, but we can not know the legal status of our products in every single country. It is your own responsibility to check the legal status of a product in your homeland.

  5. Our products are no medications and may not be used as such or as a replacement for medicaments.

  6. Store the product in a secure place, out of reach of minors (and animals).

  7. Please read the instructions on our website about how to use our products and comply with them.

  8. Please do not contact us asking us for any illegal drugs, including marijuana, we do not sell them - PERIOD!

  9. MushMagic only refunds for unopened, intact returned orders. We will not refund for confiscated products or for lost cash you send us (please read our Payment Methods page nor will we compensate you for any legal consequences that may occur from your order on our website [see 4)].

By paying for a purchase you make on our website you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these conditions above.