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Differences between Magic MuShrooms and Magic Truffles

Besides the fact that they look totally different from each other, the differences between Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles are very small, maybe non-existent.

Shrooms and Magic Truffles both contain the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. There is no difference in the psilocybin in Shrooms and the psilocybin in Magic Truffles. As far as we know, there has been no serious research done between the differences of the two compounds.

Our own experience shows there is no differece. We have had wonderful experiences with Magic Mushrooms as well as Magic Truffles. They both gave the same effects: Visual, as well as spiritual.

If you do research online, you will find that people have a difference of opinion. Some people report that Magic Truffles are less visual than Shrooms but yet again, others contradict that. Some people find that the trip you get with Magic Truflles is easier to experience than with Shrooms and vice versa. The decision is up to you.

In our opinion, the difference between Shrooms and Magic Truffles is nihil. A psilocybin trip is a very personal experience which is different from person to person. It comes down to the fact what dosage is used, how the person feels and the surroundings.