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Mexicana Truffles

Psilocybe Mexicana was the first strain of magic mushroom to be scientifically studied, and therefore plays an important role in the history of drugs, particularly psychedelics. Of mild strength, these truffles make the perfect choice for beginners who want to experience psilocybin without the risk of overdoing it.


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Psilocybe Mexicana Truffles: Where It All Began

Psilocybe Mexicana has played an important role in the history of psychedelics. This strain of Psilocybe cubensis, the most abundant magic mushroom species in the world, was sent to Albert Hofmann (who first synthesised LSD), who then isolated and identified psilocybin as the active ingredient. Psilocybe Mexicana was the starting point for the modern-day cultivation of magic mushrooms and truffles.

The Mexicana strain can be split into two sub-strains: Mexicana A and Mexicana B. Mexicana A is the only one that produces sclerotia—this is another name for truffles, the subterranean part of a mushroom. Therefore, all of our Psilocybe Mexicana truffles are, by necessity, Mexicana A truffles.

The Effects of Mexicana Truffles

Mexicana truffles are pretty mild, and therefore the effects are significantly more moderate than many other strains. This makes them a perfect choice for beginners, as there is little risk of overdoing it. Effects include mild visuals, an "opening up" of thought patterns, increased sensitivity to stimuli, and a general ability to find things very funny.

Mexicana Truffles: Strength, Dosage, and Use

As mentioned, these truffles fall at the weaker end of our range. On average, 5 grams is considered a low dose, at which point the effects will be noticeable but subtle. 10 grams will induce a moderate trip with noticeable visual and physical effects, but nothing overwhelming. Once you get up to around 15 grams, effects will become significantly stronger. For most, this is the threshold for a strong trip.

The simplest way to consume Mexicana truffles is to eat them as is. However, if you don't fancy the taste, consider making a tea. If you do this, make sure you don't put the truffles in boiling water as this will destroy the psilocybin, which means you won't get high!


Our magic truffles come fresh and can be stored for up to two months sealed in the fridge. However, they must be used within two days once opened. Alternatively, you can dry them to store them indefinitely.


Magic truffles contain psilocybin and psilocin, which are powerful hallucinogenic drugs. Taking hallucinogens sensibly is essential; read out guide on how trip safely. Make sure you are in a safe environment and have a sober person, or "trip sitter" in your group who will remain with two feet in reality.


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