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Mokum Truffles

The Mokum truffle lends itself to contemplation and solitude. Affecting one's thought processes more than the senses, it's a great choice for those who want to look inward and indulge in the joy of pondering. Despite the unique effects, these are strong truffles, and should be treated as such.


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Psilocybe Mokum Truffles: For the Philosophers

This truffle takes its name from Amsterdam itself. Mokum is the name given to Amsterdam by local residents, so we at MushMagic thought we'd name this truffle after its local origins. Compared to other truffles, Mokum produces a more thoughtful, inward-looking trip. This makes it perfect for contemplation and insight, giving it more "philosophical" properties than others.

The Effects Of Mokum Truffles

Given the insightful effects of the Mokum truffle, it's a good choice for experienced users who enjoy taking psilocybin alone, for contemplative purposes. That's not to say it isn't good in a social setting, but of all our strain options, Mokum is perhaps the one most suited to solitary use. Even though it is a fairly strong truffle, expect fewer visuals than equivalently strong strains, but greater insight.

Mokum Truffles: Strength, Dosage, and Use

In a sense, the effects are more subtle that with other truffles. Nevertheless, it is still a strong product. Around 5 grams will induce a mild experience wherein you will feel high, but won't be tripping. 10 grams will offer a medium high with warping of reality and "trippy" elements. 15 grams and above will be significantly stronger, and for many users will constitute a proper trip.

To consume Mokum truffles, the simplest method is to eat them as they come. However, it's no secret that this can be unpleasant on the palate! Another method is to make a tea, which is much tastier. If you choose to do this, make sure that you don't put the truffles in boiling water, as this will destroy the psilocybin and stop them from working.


Our magic truffles come fresh and can be stored for up to two months sealed in the fridge. However, they must be used within two days once opened. Alternatively, you can dry them to store them indefinitely.


Magic truffles contain psilocybin and psilocin, which are powerful hallucinogenic drugs. Taking hallucinogens sensibly is essential; read out guide on how trip safely. Make sure you are in a safe environment and have a sober person, or "trip sitter" in your group who will remain with two feet in reality.


    By on 20/Dec/2016 :

    Title : Taste of Amsterdam
    Comment : I picked up one of these during my stay in Amsterdam. We spent a great evening in our hotel, relaxing with truffles and music. Somehow the music (chilled and relaxed) sounded so much better, the sheets feel softer and just everything has that little edge to it making it much more enjoyable. Great experience!

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