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In Case of a Bad Trip

Bad trip magic mushrooms

Magic Truffles can be a heavy experience for some people. Usually in a positive way. But a trip on Psilocybin is not just for anyone. A drastic change of the well-known everyday reality can call on feelings of fear and panic. Whenever people get a panic attack or get scared during a trip it is called a "bad trip".

It is entirely up to the person how they deal with it. Some people like to be isolated without to many outside stimulation's. For most people though, often without any experience, it is best to sit in a quiet environment with someone to talk to and set their mind at ease. Someone who is sober and can give the individual attention (also known as the 'Sitter') that is needed in this situation.

People who have a bad trip are often afraid that they won't come out of it. Rest assured, everyone always comes out of it. It is important to let the person, who is in a "bad trip", know that the effects of Magic Truffles are only temporary and everything will go back to normal. Magic Truffles intensify your emotions. When having negative thoughts they will only get more negative, and with positive thoughts they will only become more positive. A positive talk will often be enough to put the person at ease.

When having a bad trip it is often recommended to ingest sugar, because sugar lessens the effects of the Magic Truffles and in some cases stops it all together. However this is not entirely true. The effects of Magic Truffles when eating or drinking sugar will not get less and certainly won't stop at all. The psilocybin will keep on working, just as strong and as long as to when sugar has not been consumed. It is true that by the consumption of sugar, dopamine is released in your brain which gives you a temporary pleasant feeling. For many people, this is enough of a boost to make a bad trip a positive trip. So having some sugar laying around is not a bad idea.

Last but not least... A change in environment with less stimulation in combination with a glass of fruit juice or herbal tea does wonders.



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