Introducing Stereodose: The Perfect Music For Your Mushroom High

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Introducing Stereodose: The Perfect Music For Your Mushroom High

In the modern world, sometimes it can be hard to choose the right music for your trip. There's just so much out there - and that's where Stereodose comes in.

Music just sounds better when you're high - listening to music whilst in a psychedelic state can help you to connect with the rhythms. Psilocybin and other mind-expanding drugs can blur the lines between the visual and auditory processing centres in your brain - producing a unique and spectacular sensation known as synesthesia.

The thing is, organising a playlist perfect for the situation can sometimes be a bother. Well, we think we may have stumbled upon the answer! Stereodose is a website and app created and launched by a single enterprising psychonaut, designed to provide drug users around the world with the perfect playlist to help you reach your next level of high. App users are presented with a list of substances - from marijuana to mushrooms. Once a drug is selected, you are invited to choose your mood - and a playlist is put together for you, enhancing your trip and keeping the tracks spinning so you can spend less time staring at your music library and more time enjoying yourself. The playlists are all user-generated and source their content from Soundcloud, so this site has a great community vibe, with seekers from around the globe all tripping and sharing music together.





Users are given a selection of tailor-made playlists, neatly arranged with cool titles - favourites include "Ridin' The Cloud", "Galaxy of Dream", and "Touch the Sky". Tripping on truffles? Try "Naked in the Forest". Feeling shamanic? The fantastic "Holographic Universe" playlist is the one for you!

The website is very well designed and the creator plans to expand content to include a visualizer. So, next time you've ingested your favourite substance (we recommend our Psilocybe Fantasia), why not fire up the Stereodose app - select an appropriately titled playlist to listen to, close your eyes and enjoy!





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