Is it Possible To Overdose On Magic Mushrooms?

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Is it Possible To Overdose On Magic Mushrooms?

Although you'd have to take an extremely large quantity, it is possible for a magic mushroom overdose to be fatal. There are many effects of magic mushrooms and some of them can be unpleasant, we explore the possibilities of overdosing on them.

Is it Possible to Overdose on Magic Mushrooms?

Magic Mushrooms have a huge impact on the body and mind with a range of effects, both positive and negative, regardless of how much you take. It is perfectly normal to feel slight nausea or discomfort as psilocybin begins to work with the body.

Mushrooms tend to run their course and that's that, however it's sensible to take the necessary precautions when you take them including to check your dosage and try to wait between 1-2 hours to see what the effects are like before taking more.

Taking a large dose can have unpleasant effects from waves of nausea to feelings of panic or paranoia, although it can also have very pleasant effects such as euphoria and creative energy. If you think you've taken too much or feel is if you are having a bad trip the best thing you can do is try to relax.

Generally a bad trip on magic mushrooms can be fixed without medical intervention. Bad feelings can be countered-balanced with anti-anxiety medications although this is generally not necessary. A good decision for a safe and happy trip is to choose your environment and tripping buddies, always be sensible with the dosage and make sure you're in the right mood to take them.

Can you really overdose on mushrooms? Although the psychological effects can be very extreme when large quantities are taken, the actual risk of overdosing on magic mushrooms is extraordinary low.

Similar to cannabis, you would have to ingest a completely impractical and probably impossible amount of mushrooms to incur a fatal overdose. In fact, according to Erowid there are only three suggested fatal overdoses from magic mushrooms in US history!

The primary dangers of mushrooms exist when they are mixed with other drugs or alcohol, as the hangover can be terrible. You should always research the type of magic mushroom prior to taking it.

The most common mushroom to take is Psilocybe Cubensis and it is perfectly safe to use and even possible to grow yourself! Most Psilocybe Cubensis are around a similar strength although they can vary slightly.