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Magic Truffles Wholesale

MushMagic Wholesale is one of the largest Magic Truffles growers in Holland and is always searching for professional sale points. Mushmagic stands for: 16 years of experience, a team with highly experienced employees, and a unique assortment of Magic Truffles. After the ban of dried mushrooms (magic mushrooms) in 2008, MushMagic committed to the cultivation and sale of Magic Truffles where 9 different and unique truffles were emerged.

Here at MushMagic we take service and quality very seriously and is our number one priority. Our Truffles are always freshly delivered in special cooled packaging. When an order is placed before 4 pm, the shipment will be sent out the same day.

Requesting a corporate account is very easily to do via our website. Once we receive the application, one of our staff will assess the kvk registration and activate the account. To register your corporate account you can use the following link:

We deliver exclusively to smartshops, headshops, coffeeshops and other related companies. Without a valid kvk registration it is not possible make a corporate account.

Some advantages for clients of MushMagic

Promo Material: We provide free promo material for our resellers. We know like no other how important it is to provide the end customer with fun freebees. The following promo materials are available for free: Posters, window stickers, flyers and other promo articles.

Photo’s: Mushmagic makes high resolution photo’s for internet purposes. The images can be downloaded on our website in different formats. These photo’s can only be used by official MushMagic dealers.

Payment and delivery: Mushmagic delivers the first order with a prepayment. Later on, it is possible to pay on invoice. We deliver every workday, and all our magic truffles are freshly in stock and can be kept for 3 months.

For more information you can contact one of our sales managers here.

Magic Truffles Wholesale